Dhaka Fall or Bangladesh: a black day in Pakistan history

LAHORE: Dismemberment of East Pakistan or Dhaka Fall is memorized every year on December 16, highlighting pitfalls, treacherous conspiracies on regional and international fronts and mass mismanagement by civilian and army authorities. Day is spotted as a ‘black day’ in the history of Pakistan. Field Marshall Ayub Khan who rose as first martial law administrator of Pakistan imposed ‘economic policies’ and they are blamed for fanning Bengali resentment, sowing the seed of separation of East Pakistan. It is also said that both the political rulers and the military dictator Field Marshal Ayub Khan neglected the broader national interests in East Pakistan case and tried to get power for the western wing of the country at the cost of the more populous of the two wings. Results of elections which held in 1970 explicitly spotlighted political polarization that also played important role for Dhaka fall. The fragile link between the Eastern…