Emilia Clarke Reveals The Secrets Of “Game Of Thrones”

Fans of “Game of Thrones” just were surprised, when they saw the last series of the 5th seasons. One of the most beloved of the characters was killed. It was John Snow. After such fact fans of the saga even were confused, not knowing what else to expect from the creators of the horror project and whether it is worth to watch the continuation of the show. Actress Emilia Clarke, who plays in the series Deyneris Targaryen, revealed in an interview with fans a few secrets.

Of the total stuff of “Game of Thrones” the actress, Emilia Clarke is probably the most talkative. She even questioned in one of her interviews, that John Snow has died. And now, when in her arms there is a script of the 6th season, Emilia once again broke down and blabbed what fans should expect in the new series.

The actress said that in the coming season there will be more psychological moments. According to Clark, epic moments will become even more epic and shocking – will be even more shocking.

It’s certainly very vague, but fans have a plan of the words of Clark and are wondering what she was saying about, and what she had in mind. Perhaps Snow will return, and perhaps Deyneris Targaryen will die. The new season will start not very soon, so fans of “Game of Thrones” has only one hope to learn something more if Emilia Clarke spills the beans about something in the following interview again.

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