Will The New Ghostbusters Movie Use The Iconic Ghostbusters Theme Song?

The director of Ghostbusters movie doesn´t know if include “Ghostbusters” theme song created by Ray Parker Jr in this film. In an interview with E! online, Paul Feig, was asked if this iconic theme song would be included in this film. He said the director is considering this fact, depending on how the film goes, it´s something they hadn´t decided yet.

They would like to innovate this Ghostbusters movie, even the song is completely iconic.

Additionally, maybe they could think about a Singer like Meghan Trainor to do songs with a different style compared to the classic Ghostbusters song. They would like to change the traditional synthesizers for something more like “all about that bass”.

Even though people are excited by this movie, Feig is not very clear about the decision to take about the song. He has previously received very critical comments by the Internet. Additionally, he had received critics about not having the “original Ghostbusters” like Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson. In fact, all these comparisons between the old and new Ghostbusters concepts are unavoidable, so the issue of the song that could be more appropriate for this movie will create debates in people that refuse changes.

The inclusion of the film of a new Ghostbuster song will be determined by fans responses. In case a new cover version is made, it may need to be paid to Huey Lewis, who famously recorded Parker’s “Ghostbusters” theme. Whatever the decision is a new or an old song, we will have to wait on July 2016 to appreciate an innovative Ghostbuster film. No matter what, the Ray Parker Jr. song will never be forgotten.

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