6 Amazing Parenting Survival Tips Every Mom Needs

Once you bring your sweet baby home from the hospital, you’ll probably feel a surge of delight along with fright mixed in for good measure. You read all those parenting books which should make you feel more confident but in the reality of the moment when you first get home with your new baby, you’ll realize you’re anything but.

Plus, those books never tell you those little things you can only learn from other moms that have all done their time before you. Little tips like these are the ones that truly matter when it comes to caring for your newborn baby. And likely, you’ll whip up a few tricks of your own once you get the hang of things. Until then, try these on for size to survive the newborn stage.

Make bath time easier

For newborn babies that can’t sit up, it is so nerve-wracking to bathe them. You secretly fear every time that you’ll accidentally kill them. We can relate to! They make baby bathtubs chairs and slings that keep your baby from slipping under the water so you can bathe them without having a mini heart attack every time. You can’t leave them unattended of course, but it will make bathing them so much easier. And, when they’re bigger and can sit up on their own, put a laundry basket in your bathtub and put the baby and all her toys in it. She won’t slip and slide all over the place and all those baby toys stay within her easy reach.

Keep the buggers away

Now that the warmer weather is here, and with hotter weather still on the way, mosquitoes and other pests are a problem when you want to take your baby outdoors. If you have a Pack n’ Play or other portable cribs with mesh sides, set it up outside and put a fitted crib sheet over the top. It will keep the pests from biting and bugging your baby.

Never waste time looking for bibs

There is never a bib around when you need one! Unless you add a self-adhesive hook to the back of your baby’s high chair. Hang all your bibs there and never worry about tearing up the house looking for one again.

Say goodbye to stains

Some of the worst stains to get out of those adorable baby clothes are poop and juice. You can make them look like they never happened by mixing one part of Dawn dish soap with 2 parts of hydrogen peroxide.

No more missing socks

Try this hack with socks for everyone in the family and you’ll never lose one again. Baby socks are especially tiny and prone to disappearing in the wash. Put them all in a lingerie bag and you’ll always have matching pairs.

Use white noise

And finally, the best survival tip of all for peace and quiet! It seems counterintuitive, but white noise actually helps babies fall fast asleep. That’s because it sounds like the noise they were used to in the womb. There’s no need to buy an expensive sound machine though. You can simply download a free white noise app to your tablet for the same effect.



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