University Students: Here's How to Land a Scholarship in 2019

Getting good scholarships can make a difference in the education you get. If you are eligible to apply for many types, make sure you conduct exhaustive research on each one of them and apply individually for each. Instead of taking out loans that you’ll have to repay, you could simply search for the best scholarship opportunities. There are plenty of them that make a difference and are valuable to many students. All you must do is keep your eyes open.

Here are some useful tips to look at and check out! We wish someone told us everything we are telling you in this article before applying for college – it would’ve definitely made our life easier. Hope it helps!

Start Ahead of Time: Plan it Out

Many scholarship applications close on a specific date. If you don’t apply by then, you will have to wait for another academic year to be eligible. All students must respect the same deadlines, there is no exception to the rule. Start early to make sure you have enough time to consider the writing prompts and plan how you are going to approach the whole process.

Commit to submitting only a few application each week – that leaves you with enough time to go through each step patiently and not hurry into submitting something quickly. Quality over quantity, always!

P.S. – make sure you narrow down applications to maximum ten per week. From those ten, pick the ones you are most likely to get.

Check Out Application Hacks

According to a recent UK Writing Review, using application hacks to make the process easier for you. Here are some interesting ones that you should be aware of:

  • Record the following details for each one of the applications you are considering: name of the reward, category, company offering the scholarships, deadline, eligibility, the amount, and the contact info.
  • Gather all of your resources before applying to make everything easier to handle. The documents you will be needing are your transcript(s), resume, cover letter (sometimes), letters of recommendations, and personal essay. Besides that, you might want to get prepared to write long essays!
  • Ask for recommendation letters way before the deadline is approaching. If you need the letters by November, ask for them by April/May to the latest. Teachers and professors need time to write good content!
  • Categorize the scholarships and choose the category that you’re the best at!
  • Recycle your essays – if you find scholarships requesting similar writing prompts, use the same basic ideas, but modify some part of your content. Usually, the answers you will need to revise the “how will this scholarship affect my life?” and “what are my future goals?”

You can always create your own essay templates and just fill in the information needed,” writes Don Musing, content writer at UK Assignment Help and former school advisor. “It’s easier and it saves lots of time,” ends Musing.

Customize Your Application

As mentioned earlier, keeping a template might be necessary, but using the same characteristics for each application is not smart at all. Thus, make sure you start early and change your application as many times as you need to. Remember that every scholarship has different requirements so using a one size fits all type of essay might ruin your chances of winning. Personalize each letter/essay before sending it.

Develop Strong Skills

Writing is the number one quality you need when it comes to scholarships. If you are not a good writer, you should start practising now. Choose research paper topics and online essay prompts to train your mind. Here are some other ways in which you can polish your skills:

  • Brush up on your grammar and style features. Make sure you understand what words to use when and why that is the proper way to do it.
  • Write heavily – take at least one hour per day to write about different topics (as we mentioned) and stick to the schedule. Turn this habit into a routine and don’t let go of it. If you don’t practice, you won’t be able to get the desired results on time!
  • Read, read, read! Reading is super important when it comes to developing writing skills, so read as much as you can, whenever you can.
  • When you find writing that you like, pay closer attention to that style and start asking questions! Print out the pages you find interesting and look deeper into the writer’s technique. Find their blog and message them if you’re truly passionate!
  • Create outlines for your pieces! If you are not organized, there is a high chance you will not be able to finish up in time or even start for that matter.
  • Check Out Small Scholarships Too

You can find both national and local scholarships, so keep your eyes open for both. The national ones will be indeed higher, but that doesn’t mean that the local ones won’t help at all. If you are already attending university, check your college’s scholarships page and choose from that list before surfing the web. If you’re a high-school student, focus on the national scholarships, but don’t disregard the local ones.

Wrapping Up

Getting good scholarships in 2019 is not that complicated if you are committed to succeeding. Start ahead of time, check out our app hacks, customize your application individually, develop those writing skills, read, and stay determined! Good luck!

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