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Retiring Republicans May Not Show Up to Vote, Threatening Border Wall Vote

There might be one bloc conspicuously absent from Washington, D.C., this week amid the possibility of a shutdown: retired House Republicans. Government funding expires at midnight Friday, and despite President Donald Trump’s repeated calls to pass $5 billion for border wall funding, Republicans in either chamber might not be able to pass a spending bill that includes a provision funding the wall. “Many lawmakers, relegated to cubicles as incoming members take their offices, have been skipping votes in the weeks since House Republicans were swept from power in the midterm elections, and Republican leaders are unsure whether they will ever return,” The New York Times reported Sunday. “In recent weeks, anywhere from a handful to more than two dozen Republicans have failed to cast votes on individual bills, leaving leaders uncertain of their numbers,” the Times added. The Senate returned Monday and the House resumes business Wednesday night. Trump has…

7 of the Most Epic Midterm Elections in American History

President Donald Trump isn’t on the ballot but will face the biggest electoral test of his presidency so far during Tuesday’s midterm election—one that may well end in repudiation or vindication. History is not on any president’s side in a midterm election. Since 1862, the president’s party on average loses 32 House seats and more than two Senate seats in a midterm. And in the 47 midterms since 1826, the president’s party lost seats in 41 of them. Several scenarios could play out. The opposition party could gain what President Barack Obama called a “shellacking” when Republicans won 63 House seats in 2010. It could be a rare victory for the president’s party—which occurred only three times in the past 100 years: 1934, 1998, and 2002. Another likelihood is somewhere in between, such as in 1962 and 1990, when the president’s party suffered only modest losses. Here’s a look at…